What is Ph.D. (Computer Science)?

Ph.D. in Computer Science is a two years course which includes one year of course work and one year for the dissertation which can be extended up to four years from the date of admission. The areas of specialization in Ph.D.

  • Data Mining
  • Advanced Networking
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Object recognition
  • Cloud Computing
  • Grid Computing
  • Neural Networks
  • Network Security
  • Green Computing

Why Ph.D. (Computer Science)?

The degree provides you the way to become lecturer in computer science. Ph.D. stands for Doctor of Philosophy and no need to say you will understand the philosophy of computer science and will be much benefited. It is the second highest degree one can obtain in the computer science field.

The future of a Ph.D. (Computer Science):

The objectives of Ph. D in computer science are:

  • To explain the recent trends in computer science field.
  • To Explain the inter relationship between various concepts & practices in computer field.
  • To Study the contemporary issues related with computer science
  • It is a gateway to become a teacher, professor, researcher in a particular field